Safe Harbor together with X Shore

A shared commitment to sustainability

We’ve partnered with X Shore to introduce electric boating throughout the network.

Safe Harbor Members now have exclusive access to the sleek and stylish Eelex 8000 vessels at select marinas across the US, including San Diego, Charleston, Montauk, Newport, and West Palm Beach. As a Member, you’ll have the opportunity to experience 100% silent and environmentally friendly boating like never before.

Group of smiling men with open arms aboard a x shore boat with SHM helm logo on the side
x shore boat driving across the water with American flag on the back and SHM logo on the side
aerial view on two boats cruising on the water next to land with palm trees
Group of people sitting on an x shore boat cruising slowly
close-up of x shore boat tied up on a dock
Two x shore boats cruise along the water together with palm trees in the background

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X Shore

About X Shore
The Swedish climate technology and electric boat company X Shore was founded in 2016 in Stockholm. Made in Sweden, X Shore has become the world’s leading supplier of electric boats with customers in markets such as North America and Europe. X Shore’s boats use no fossil fuels and have minimal impact on marine wildlife. X Shore has been awarded a number of prizes for the design of the model Eelex 8000, and in 2022 the company was nominated for the European Powerboat of the Year and received the jury’s special mention. X Shore creates 100% electric boats for a fossil free tomorrow. By combining Swedish maritime craftsmanship with technology, innovation and sustainability, we are changing and charging the future of the boat industry. Sustainability is at the heart of everything X Shore does and the company was found by an independent auditor, Cicero Shades of Green AG, to be one of the most sustainable manufacturers in the world this year. For more visit: