Safe Harbor Superyachts

We are the place for superyachts in the West.
World-leading amenities & personalized care for captains, crew and owners of the most distinguished superyachts.


Premier superyacht service facilities, trades and technicians in the US.


135 locations, including 20 locations serving superyachts 150’ to 455’ from Maine to the Caribbean.
superyacht map
super yacht map
pool with palm trees and yachts in the background
marina with palm trees lit up at sunset
white tents with tables and chairs underneath them
outdoor event space
chairs and tables on a patio overlooking a marina
safe harbor boat cruising along in front of yachts docked behind it
safe harbor employee standing on dock in front of yacht
gym equipment
gym equipment
palm trees in front of a blue and white building
4 pelotons and treadmills
outdoor covered space with many people having a party

Captains & Crew

Dedicated amenities for the best crews in the world.

Lounges, fitness centers, pools, and restaurants for the health & wellness of your crew.

process showing yachts being serviced
man servicing yacht
man working on electrical on a yacht
man working on electrical on a yacht
man fixing parts
person welding
woman holding toilet paper
person welding
man working with yacht parts
man buffing side of boat
man buffing side of boat
person servicing a yacht
super yacht out of water at sunset ready to be serviced
man underneath yacht servicing it

Service, Maintenance, Repair, and Refit

Exceptionally skilled engineers, technicians and tradesmen.

First-class work completed on-time & on-budget.

super yacht going in the water
machinery to move yachts
yacht getting put in water
yacht being moved
machinery for moving yachts
yacht being moved

Dry Dock & Lifting Capacity

Dry dock & lifting capacity unmatched anywhere in the West.

Serving superyachts from 130’ to over 400’.

man working with fuel
man pulling hose spool
semi truck
a man putting fuel into a semi truck
a man pumping fuel


Superyacht Fuel Program

• Highest-quality providers
• Most competitive fuel prices
• Service excellence with on-time delivery
• Access to the largest marina network in the world

super yachts in a marina

Foreign Trade Zones

Showcase, market and sell foreign flagged vessels in the US.

Safe Harbor has 4 active Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) in Newport, Savannah, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale.