At Safe Harbor Marinas, we believe it is a privilege to have you as a Member of one of our marinas. From New England to California, and Florida to Michigan, it is our sincerest pleasure to serve the vibrant and passionate boating communities that encompass the entire Safe Harbor Network.

We recognize that you work hard so that when you have precious free time, you can spend it doing what you love, with the people you love.
When you choose to spend that free time relaxing on your boat, or at one of our facilities, we are entirely dedicated to providing you with excellence in every aspect of your experience. Our promise to you is that when you are done working, we will be working for you. When you are with your family, our Crew will be there for you. We are here so you can escape your routines, explore your own limits, and make memories of a lifetime.

This is what we’ve been working for. Join us today.

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Welcome Brewer to the family..

Safe Harbor Marinas is happy to announce that Brewer Yacht Yards & Marinas are now part of the Safe Harbor family. We are now growing our network of boaters to over 30,000 and are excited for what the future holds. Brewer is a long standing brand and will continue to offer...