Please see the following FAQs if you have questions about the SHM Black Card and the 2018 SHM Loyalty Program.

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Are the 2018 Black Card and loyalty program benefits the same as they were in 2017?

No. The current SHM Loyalty Program benefits and SHM Black Card are brand new in 2018. All previous Black Card benefits have expired in lieu of the new 2018 benefits package.

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Is the SHM Black Card the only loyalty program?

Yes. We have dropped all previous loyalty programs and policies so that we could create a single package of benefits for our entire nationwide Membership.

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Why don’t Seasonal Members get Transient Night benefits?

We worked very hard to develop the new Safe Harbor loyalty program, including taking a comprehensive look at our transient night data and consulting with numerous long-time Members. The feedback we received from many of our Annual Members was that it has been increasingly difficult to utilize the premium transient privileges they earn by staying with us year-round. They expressed that as demand at our facilities has grown over the last several years, it has become extremely challenging to make transient reservations because those slips are often already taken by Seasonal Members and non-SHM boaters. Through the course of our in-depth analysis, we found that this feedback was not only accurate, but also diminishing the value we were offering our Annual Members through the loyalty program. Ultimately, we felt it was essential to give preferential status to boaters who keep their boats with us year-round. Additionally, we genuinely believe that we can provide the best quality and continuity of service to our Members when they keep their vessels with us year-round, and we wanted to not only differentiate our Annual Member benefits package from the Seasonal Member package, but also reward and add value for our year-round Members by actually increasing their ‘Transient Night’ benefits this year.

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Do I get any benefits as a Seasonal Member?

Yes! You receive ALL the benefits and privileges of the SHM Black Card (with the exception of ‘Transient Nights’) with your single-season agreement (winter storage OR summer dockage) including the new increased fuel discounts, access to SHM preferred insurance, and more. Additionally, many of our Seasonal Members have recently signed up to keep their boat with us year-round to unlock the valuable Transient Night benefit.

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Am I considered an Annual Member if I dock at one SHM facility and store at another SHM facility?

Yes! If you prefer to dock your boat at one SHM location for the summer and store at a different SHM facility for the winter, you are still considered an Annual Member. As an Annual Member, you are eligible for the added Transient Night benefits that we have extended to our year-round customers.

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Are we going to get new Black Cards every year?

No. 2017 was the inaugural year for the Safe Harbor loyalty program. Both the 2017 cards and the program itself were transitional and combined legacy Brewer benefits with new Safe Harbor benefits. All 2017 and earlier cards and benefits are no longer valid. The new SHM Black Card you receive this year will be yours for years to come, and we are actively working to make the Black Card a complimentary and convenient companion to your SHM boating experience. 

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What else can the SHM Black Card do?

Coming Soon! Your new Black Card will be securely connected to your marina account and to the credit card you have on file. You will be able to use it to purchase fuel, ice, snacks, and other goods at Ships Stores and Fuel Docks at your home marina and any other participating marina in the Safe Harbor Network. 

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Do I need to show my SHM Black Card to receive discounts?

Yes. In order to receive the benefits and discounts associated with the SHM Black Card, you must present the card at the time of purchase.

For Annual Members ONLY: In order to receive your free or discounted Transient Night benefits, you must add your Black Card Member ID to your Dockwa account before booking a reservation. Once your Member ID is added to your Dockwa account, you do not need to have the card present to book transient reservations via Dockwa. However, you are required to present your Black Card at the time the free or discounted Transient Night is being redeemed. Please click HERE for more details on registering your Black Card with Dockwa.

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