At Safe Harbor, we recognize that our greatest resource is our natural environment. Since our team began working together, more than 30 years ago, we have been a continual advocate for the health and cleanliness of our waterways and uplands.
We remain devoted to these efforts on behalf of every property we own and operate. Furthermore, we actively cooperate and collaborate with other organizations who are as equally committed to our most important partner: nature.

Joining with the Seabin Project
as a Global Pilot Partner

The Seabin Project was started with a mission to create a simple solution to help solve the problem of oceanic littering. Their idea was to build a sustainable floating garbage bin that could collect water borne plastics and trash 24 hours a day. Over time, the scope of their project evolved into a comprehensive research, technology, and educational initiative with global interest and reach.
We are proud to partner with the Seabin Project as one of 6 current Global Pilot Partners worldwide. As part of this pioneering collaboration, we are the first marina company in North America to install the innovative Seabin technology. Moreover, we are working with the Seabin team to implement clean water educational programs across our entire portfolio. Learn more about Seabin here

The Clean Texas Marina Program

The Clean Texas Marina Program enables marinas to be recognized for their efforts in environmental responsibility. It also lets boaters identify those marinas that promote clean activities and follow best management practices.
The program is strictly voluntary, but it demonstrates a marina’s commitment to clean water. Below are Safe Harbor properties that have earned this important distinction.

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